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Electrical Testing

Fixed Installation Testing

We can carry out the testing of all fixed wiring within your premises. This normally takes the form of an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which should be carried out in commercial properties every 5 years.

Fire Alarm Testing

We can carry out annual checks on your fire alarm system to ensure it is in full working order. We’ll make sure that it has the ability to detect a fire at the earliest possible moment, to reduce the impact upon your business.

Emergency Lighting and Testing

To ensure compliance in securing the Means of Escape under Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, your building's emergency lighting system needs to be regularly tested. We test each installed unit to certify it is compliant. Monthly operational 'short duration tests' should also be carried out.
At Nixon Electrical Contractors we offer a full range of fully certified emergency fittings, installation and testing to ensure your business conforms to all UK and European health and safety requirements.

Appliance Testing

We can carry out appliance testing (PAT) of all of your appliances within your business, and ensure you adhere to all health and safety requirements.

 LED Lighting Supply and Replacement

Is your company taking advantage of the savings that can be made with LED lighting? We can show you the advantages of both light output and savings this offers and can assist your business in making the transition. If you’d like to learn more, we offer guidance and impartial advice so your business can make the switch.

High Lumen Output/Low Consumption

In an environment where energy and emissions are a hot topic, LED lighting is by far the most efficient and versatile choice when it comes to retrofit or lighting any new projects.

100% Business Tax Relief

To encourage business to convert to more efficient low carbon lighting there are incentives offered through enhanced capital allowances.

Electricians In Chesham LED lighting


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